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My Paws at the Grand Canyon; Parent - Teacher Reviews

What do parents say?

Ellen G.

Grandchildren love it!

I have had a month to really sit and enjoy this book with my 2 1/2 year old grand children. They stay on each page for several minutes and want to experience each link over and over again. They like the binocular and camera feature as well. We talk about how much I love to hike there and want to take them with me. I really think this will be a treasured activity that will build an anticipation for the real thing!


I enjoyed the book, and the interactive reading and sounds of birds and the river, etc. I have not been able to sit down with my 5 year old grandson yet, because we live in different states, but am looking forward to sharing it with him over Thanksgiving!


What do teachers say?

Retired 2nd grade teacher

This is a delightful interactive book for young children. The adorable cairn terrier makes learning about the Grand Canyon fun and the interactive features add additional interest. If I was still teaching I would definitely add this to my classroom iPad library.

An Educational & Charming Book

Author Marie Von Minden has provided us once again with another enjoyable adventure book for children; this time aimed at younger children. They will be enchanted by the extra features, such as animal calls and sounds, while learning about one of our nation's most cherished, and visited, national parks. The short videos inserted into each section give a sense of actually being there in person. As a former educator, I am excited about the opportunity to show this to some of the young ones in my own extended family.

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