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Kids eBook Mysteries of the Grand Canyon
Kristi Kay Grand Canyon Journey
Tired Cairn Terrier
Cairn Terrier on her Grand Canyon Visit
Kristi Kay hiking
Kristi Kay the Winner

About Kristi Kay

Kristi Kay, a curious and adorable 15-pound Cairn Terrier, joined our full time travel adventure at the age of six. Curious and playful, always ready to  go on the next hike, KK was a perfect companion for the life on the road.


Kristi Kay was born in Bramblebank Kennels, Victoria, BC, Canada, and became the breeder’s show dog. She was entered in many dog shows winning at both group and championship levels. She also gave birth to two litters of puppies


We met Kristi Kay the first time on a trail in Arizona, while she was hiking with her breeder and we instantly fell in love with her. One year later Kristi Kay was able to leave her ‘show dog’ career and joined us on the road in an Airstream Trailer. A delightful companion, KK always enjoyed our travels and America’s National Parks became her favorite places to visit.


Join Kristi Kay on her journey through America’s National Parks! Delight with her in their beauty, discover their history, hear the stories of animals that live there, and learn about the need to protect and honor these precious environments.

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