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Marie von Minden Children's Book Author

Marie von Minden

Books for the Love of Nature

Nature has been part of my life from my early years. I was born and raised in rural Poland, surrounded by undisturbed nature. The green fields and forests filled with wildlife shaped my early years. 


At 22 I immigrated to Canada and a few years later to the United States, and I lived the life of a ‘city girl’. The variety and uniqueness of North America’s nature was too much to resist, however, and soon my husband and I started camping in the wilderness, first in a tent and later in a camper.  It was during that time that I developed a passion for landscape photography. 

Gradually our plans for full-time travel in an RV began to evolve. In 2002 that dream became reality, and we have been traveling in a 34 foot Airstream travel trailer ever since. 

When Kristi Kay, a Cairn Terrier, joined us, the idea of a children’s book series about America’s National Parks as seen through Kristi Kay’s eyes grew as a natural extension of our lifestyle. Through interactive adventure stories enhanced by photography from my photographic library, animation, sounds, videos, and unique graphics I hope to express my gratitude for what has become my home and to help cultivate appreciation and stewardship of these precious resources.

It is my sincere hope that these adventure stories about America’s National Parks 

will bring children closer to nature and inspire appreciation of our environment. 

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