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Mysteries of the Grand Canyon

Mysteries of the Grand Canyon

An interactive educational adventure at the Grand Canyon National Park for 7-12 years old children.  Includes an adventure story and an educational supplement.

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My Paws at the Grand Canyon children's book

My Paws at the Grand Canyon

A 'read aloud'  interactive multimedia travel to Grand Canyon  National Park for 3-7 year olds.  

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As a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient, Mysteries of the Grand Canyon has  been selected  among the best in family friendly media.


Follow the interactive adventure of a lively little dog whose dream of hiking the canyon becomes a reality when she befriends a California condor and an Abert’s squirrel; together they explore the Grand Canyon. 


As they journey down into the canyon, Kristi Kay learns about the National Park System, the Junior Ranger Program, early human presence in the canyon, the struggle of the California Condor to survive and the Condor Recovery Program, and a family of squirrels divided by the Colorado River a long time ago. 


The story, filled with videos, sounds and animations, is followed by an educational section where children may learn more about the topics included. The educational section makes this ebook perfect for school settings and for curious children who wish to expand their knowledge, it can also be helpful when planning a family vacation at the Grand Canyon. Additional questions at the end of the book encourage children to do further research on their own.


An adventure story, a virtual field trip, and travel education; Mysteries of the Grand Canyon provides a journey to enjoy.

Take a peek at a few sample pages of the ebook in the short video below.

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This delightful, interactive, informational book will not disappoint. The impressive photography, vibrant graphics and incredible wildlife will entertain not only children, but their parents as well. Follow Kristi Kay’s photographic adventures as she explores the majestic Grand Canyon with her friends Alex, the California Condor, and Gerri, the Abert’s Squirrel. The book is a must for families visiting and learning about the Grand Canyon and its inhabitants. As a National Park’s and Junior Ranger enthusiast, I am anticipating reading the author’s next book on Yellowstone.

Exceptional Photography and Writing

by: Cindy B.

As a teacher, I am grateful to use this amazing book in my class! My students loved learning about the Grand Canyon from precious Kristi Kay’s point of view, and they were exited to participate in the interactive aspects of the book; they did not want to put it down! I appreciate how it complements the Arizona objectives of our curriculum and will certainly use the Discovery series in my classes for years to come! Thanks Marie von Minden for authoring a book that is engaging, educational, and so much fun!


“I can learn a bunch from it!” - Ella

“The author has a very creative mind!” - Keara

“Very adventurous!” - Ruby

“I like it how you can tell how Kristi Kay feels.” - Madelyn

“I like how the paw prints let you do things.” - Corbin

“The pictures were so real and awesome!” - Ellie

“This is the coolest book ever!” - Caleb


Teacher, Hope Christian Academy

by: Angie. G.

The photography in this book is just spectacular. The links and enhanced futures make it fun to explore the various aspects of the Grand Canyon; the animals, anthropology and more. Kristi Kay is an enduring dog that leads children along on her adventures with Gerri, an Abert’s squirrel and Alex, a California condor. Hopefully they help children to value why we need to protect such beautiful places as the Grand Canyon and endangered animals like the condor. The links and enhanced futures will help children who want to learn even more!


This Children’s Book is Grand! 

by: Ellen G.

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